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AITmon is a manufacturer with 20 years of experience in special keyboard manufacturing, Over the years, we have focused on the design, development and production of various types of control panels, These products have been widely used in various industries. such as medical, industrial, maritime, military, etc.

Main products
Medical - Silicone keyboards, Silicone mice, Glass keyboards, Embedded keyboards
Industrial - Metal keyboards, Trackball, Touchpad, Silicone keyboards, Silicone mice, Stainless steel keyboardS, Drawer keyboards
Military  - Silicone keyboards, Silicone mice, Metal keyboards
Solution - HMI

Main features
Dust proof and waterproof (IP67, IP68) Explosion-proof (Ex) Antistatic (ESD)   IEC/EN60601-1
Support the use of gloves (medical gloves, military gloves, thread gloves)
Easy to clean, surface can be treated with any detergent or bactericide
Antibacterial (nano silver)

Moreover, OEM and ODM manufacture to customers is a major part of our business. We boast a group of experienced engineers and technicians who have diversified technical background.Therefore, we can provide you with high quality and innovative software and hardware solutions.

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